Why is Cheryl Cole sucking up to Kim Kardashian?!


Cheryl Cole send Kim Kardashian a very supportive tweet earlier, but she went a bit overboard with her compliments which makes me wonder- why is she sucking up to Kim?!

She wrote: “Dear @kimkardashian. Hi Gorgeous lady! Just wanted to send you a tweet to say I think you are an incredibly beautiful woman inside and out.. I can only imagine how tough it is to be heavily pregnant and feeling extremely vulnerable on top of some of the daily criticism you take! I admire your tenacity and send you my best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy #enjoyyourblessing x”


Huh?! I hear you say, and I will join you in that too. To be fair, I think the criticisms about Kim’s weight gain during her pregnancy are completely unfair so I agree with Cheryl’s sentiment. However, why does she need to write such a long tweet? And does she know Kim well enough to say she is beautiful “inside and out”. It just seems like she is kissing ass, but why?! Cheryl has never written such a complimentary message about anyone besides her Girls Aloud pals. Are here and Kim friends? I just so bewildered about this- any light that can be shed on this would be very helpful guys.

It is great to see celebrities stick up for one another and I love when famous people tweet their support of others because the media are always trying to make out that everyone hates one another. I just think this tweet goes much further than that. It is so sickly sweet, the phases “incredibly beautiful” and “admire your tenacity” make me cringe.


Of course, Kim replied, thanking her for her kindness.

She wrote: “@CherylCole your message really touched me! Thank you so much for the support & positivity! Its so important for women to feel confident & at peace during this amazing time! Your sweet tweet really made me smile! Xoxo”

See, THAT’s a nice, normal tweet. Now I want to know more about their friendship (if there even is one)!

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