One Direction announce stadium tour for 2014


The One Direction lads had been teasing that they had “one big announcement” to make for well over a week, so imagine my bewilderment when they announced they were doing a tour.

My thoughts were: “Huh?! Aren’t they currently on a tour?!” Indeed they are on a tour at the moment. The “Take Me Home” tour is currently playing European cities until it moves onto America and Australisia. It is also being filmed for the 3D movie due for release this August.

BAMBI Awards 2012 - Show

The 2014 “Where We Are” tour is going to be bigger because it is a stadium tour, so I have to say, I am pretty impressed that they have managed to fill a stadium with only two albums worth of material. Their debut single, What Makes You Beautiful, was only released in 2011 for crying out loud. So it is impressive.

I just hope for the fans’ sake that they have released new material before then because it will be the same show for way more money and with worse seats. The boys have apparently finished their third album so perhaps their second announcement is about its release.


While I was expecting something way more exciting and new, I was surprised to see “One Big Disappointment” trending on Twitter. Obviously, their fans share the same sentiment. To be fair though, most people are using the hashtag to say how horrible it is, I can’t even find the original tweet. What supportive fans they have!

I do understand where they are coming from though. A tour isn’t exciting because they’ve done when every year since their first album. They have released an album and done a tour every year since 2011 and I just think they are going to burn out. I feel sorry for them. You can’t expect artists to do world tours every year, it simply isn’t fair, but because they are so popular, they are being milked for all they are worth. They need a breather. If they go album-tour-album-tour, fans will eventually peter out and the quality will decline. That schedule is how Rihanna works and the quality gets worse each time. I just hope they don’t ruin what they have by trying to do too much.

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