21 & Over: Review


This looked like the same type of comedy as American Pie and that’s why it appealed to me. If you aren’t into gross-out humour than this certainly won’t be your thing. It isn’t ground-breaking in terms of jokes, but if you want to switch off the brain and have a laugh than this is perfect.

Casey (Skylar Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller) have been friends since high school. They are already 21 so they visit their pal, Jeff Chang (Justin Chon), at his university as a surprise for his 21st birthday. Problem is that, Jeff Chang (full name always!) has an important medical school interview the following day. What to do?! You know what is going to happen. They head out anyway and try to make it make in time for the interview. The plot is no great shakes but the journey is funny.

21 and Over

I wouldn’t say this film is as funny as American Pie but I think that’s because we are used to this type of movie now. It feels like it is trying to be The Hangover as well but without the “what did we do last night?!” premise. So it is funny but I didn’t laugh-out-loud THAT often. Most of the really good jokes were in the trailer.


I think the main problem is that only one of them gets wasted and so the other two spend the night getting that person home, with serious difficulty. So there isn’t serious drunk action happening, like in The Hangover. There was a lot of crazy stuff happening though, mainly to be gross. You would see boobs and girl-on-girl action for no real reason, there is a lot of swearing (which didn’t really bother me) and you even see a bit of boy-on-boy. I was quite happy seeing Skylar in only a tube sock though! There were a few random elements like an actual buffalo being at a prep rally and some Latino sorority girls capturing the boys.


I loved the dialogue between Casey and Miller. They have such banter. The relationship between the boys does verge on the sentimental towards the end. It has a nice ending but it is predictable. Like I said, you won’t see anything mega original but you will laugh and you will leave with a smile on your face. You may even fancy Skylar a little bit, although he plays the exact character that he plays in Pitch Perfect!

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