Lindsay Lohan’s rehab fiasco


Earlier this week, it looked like Lindsay Lohan was taking her rehab stint in her stride. She posted a picture on Instagram poking fun at her situation- she was attempting to take 270 outfits for her 90 day visit. I thought she would actually take it seriously this time.

The nearer she got to her the date, the more panicked she became. She has left the rehab centre already- staying there less than an hour. Is she even allowed to do that?! I thought she wasn’t allowed out at all, so what the hell?!

Lindsay seems to think she can do what she likes and has disregarded her plea deal. She would have headed to jail for lying to the police and violating her probation- but her lawyer managed to get her the rehab stint and fine instead. So Lindsay HAS to do this as it is court-ordered. She could be arrested if she doesn’t return.


Her problems started before she went as she wanted a facility which would allow her to smoke. She is unhappy that she was giving a place in California rather than her chosen centre in Florida. According to her dad, Michael Lohan, she was “crying hysterically” before getting the plane to the West Coast.

He explained: “Lindsay is heading to California but she doesn’t want to go to the place she’s going and she’s upset that she’s being forced to.”

He continued to Radar Online: “But she’s going to Morningside in Newport Beach until she can transfer to the one in Florida.”

So, do you reckon she left because she didn’t like the place?! Why did she even bother flying there? Or, was she never planning to stay in rehab regardless of where she was put. I’m so confused. She called the stint “a blessing” on David Letterman but then she disrespects the law again. Why couldn’t she just wait until the transfer?! Does she WANT to go to jail?!

I just don’t understand that girl. She clearly doesn’t want to help herself. On Letterman, she seemed set on making the best of her stay, working through her problems and putting her issues behind her. I guess that was all BS.

UPDATE: According to reports, Lindsay has ditched her current lawyer Mark Heller for the lawyer before (who she fired) Shawn Holley. It is thought that they brokered a deal for her to stay at the Betty Ford centre in LA. It seems like an odd choice as she was accused of assaulting staff during her stay in 2010.

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