Snoop Dogg claims Miley Cyrus isn’t in a relationship


Miley Cyrus has been denying the rumours that her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is in trouble for months. So Snoop Dogg’s comments on a chatshow are definitely got going to help matters.

Snoop Dogg (I know he wants to be called Lion but oh well) revealed she doesn’t have a relationship when speaking to the Huffington Post Live.

He said: “I can’t speak for her, ya know what I’m saying? But I know that she has a relationship that no longer exists.”


Erm, what?! He’s saying she isn’t with Liam, right?! It is a tad confusing because he says she “has” a relationship, but at the same time, it doesn’t exist, which doesn’t quite make sense.

He continued: “I know she’s probably in a transformation change with her life, her music [and] her career. She’s 20 years old, and she’s an awesome artist to work with. She knows what she wants in life.”

Snoop and Miley got to know each other while working on their single, Ashtrays and Heartbreaks. It is an odd match but it is a pretty catchy tune. I just wonder how close they are and if he genuinely knows what is going on in her personal life.

I’m sure that Miley will be having a go at him for this regardless. He has made matters worse. They were already bad enough after her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, referred to the couple as being “great friends”, which isn’t the best description ever.


This may not be confirmation for sure but the evidence to say they aren’t together is stacking up. Weirdly though, Miley was spotted out wearing her engagement ring just yesterday (plus some stripper heels). So what do we make of the comments?

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