Are Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez back together?!



Looking at this picture, I would say so!

Justin Bieber, 19, posted this sweet picture of him and his ex, Selena Gomez, onto his Instagram account before immediately deleting it. He must know by now that someone will catch it, even if it was there for only a second.

Perhaps he decided to announce they were back together and changed his mind or maybe she told him to take it down.


The pair have always had an on-off relationship since they went public in February 2011. Things got really bad when Justin set off on his worldwide Believe tour. They properly parted ways in November last year, with Selena admitting on talk shows that she is now single.

This comes after reports that Selena flew to Norway from LA to spend time with Justin. This proved that they were still talking and good friends. The pic reveals something a bit more intimate.

We don’t know why they broke up last time, but Justin’s tour doesn’t finish until August (but he will back in the States by June). Selena is also embarking on a world tour and she has had to add extra dates due to popular demand. That starts the same week Justin’s finishes! I don’t know how they will make it work but I hope they do.

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