Big Pics: Rihanna, Rita Ora & Mel B

Rosario Dawson


How hot does Rosario look for this shoot for GQ?! It’s crazy to think that she was dating director Danny Boyle, who she met on the set of Trance as they seemed so mismatched. I feel a bit sad now they have broken up though.

Mel B 


Is Mel naked?! She looks like she’s revealing her bottom to her neighbours from the balcony! Crazy lady. Why did she want to upload this to Instagram?!



Rihanna celebrated “Happy Pot Smoking Day” by hanging out with her pals. Knowing Ri loves herself some marijuana, her fans at the Fort Lauderdale show in Florida baked her a cake to celebrate the occasion.


I love the cake! She wrote on Twitter: “What did I do to deserve the epicness that is my fans??!!!”  She then proceeded to spark up next to the cake and upload a pic of that!


Rita Ora


How crazy does Rita look in this shoot?! Those boots go up so high! She wears a number of odd fashion choices for her shoot with US Elle magazine. It’s great to see her getting noticed over there. I love the cover- it so funny.



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