Sarah Harding is banned from driving following arrest


Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud will be banned from driving for six months after being charged for driving while on a mobile phone.

Earlier this month, Sarah was arrested on Charing Cross Road in Central London for using her phone but also for failing to pull over for the police. The latter charge was dropped.

Harding was also ordered to pay a £500 fine and cover the prosecution costs.

Her lawyer tried was emphasising how much she needs her car as she is celebrity who cannot easily use public transport. The judge said: “He is asking the court to deal with you as opposed to a normal person.Well, you are a normal person. I can see no reason why you shouldn’t be disqualified.” GO ON JUDGE!

The would-be actress may have gotten away with just the fine had she not already had points on her licence from three speeding tickets.

I’m so glad she has got that because someone could have been injured. Who cares if she is a celebrity, she is not a safe driver and therefore, she should not be allowed to drive. It’s a shame it is only six months, but I suppose that’s because she didn’t hurt anyone. I just hope she learns her lesson!

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