Big Pics: Taylor Swift, Lea Michele & Rihanna

Taylor Swift


Taylor enjoyed some down time from her Red tour by having a day out at Disney World in Florida. Check out Ed Sheeran’s face next to her! Brilliant! She also got an in-ride snap of her on the Tower of Terror.


Robert Downey Jr


What on earth is Robert wearing?! Poor Gwyneth Paltrow obviously didn’t get the memo about comedy dress. As he was in Germany, RDJ thought he would wear traditional lederhosen with bright green socks. He has the attitude to work it but I wonder if Gwyneth was embarrassed?! He does look pretty silly.



Here, Rihanna is getting ready to give her best friend, Melissa Forde, a surprise cake in bed for her birthday. Loving the pink dressing gown!


Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan


Charlie and Lindsay seem pretty close at the premiere of Scary Movie 5 in LA. Lindsay did show up late but she looked good.

Lea Michele


Lea has been working on her fitness to distract herself from Cory Monteith being in rehab. She worked off her problems by hiking with best pal, Jonathan Groff.


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