Big Pics: Hunger Games, Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale

Hunger Games



Lionsgate has released another still from the upcoming Catching Fire. They are getting us excited even though we have to wait until November! Here, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) hugs her sister Prim, presumably before she heads back into the next tournament. I love the marketing plan though- constantly drip feeding us pics is making me so intrigued. 


Zac Efron



How hot does Zac look here?! He looks yummy on the set of Townies, which he will star in with Seth Rogen. 




Rihanna & Amber Rose



Who knew these guys were friends?! They hung out together after Ri’s show in LA earlier this week. 


Ashley Tisdale



How hot does Ashley look here?! This is so sexy- she has definitely shaken off her Disney image. Phwoaaar!


Amanda Bynes



What is the small, hand-rolled cigarette in her hand?! She couldn’t surely be smoking pot in public?! Also, take a close look at her hair- you can see where her extensions have been put in. 


Avril Lavigne



Avril is joined by boyfriend Chad Kroeger on the set of her music video, Here’s To Never Growing Up. I feel like I’ve seen that look before!

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