Avril Lavigne’s comeback single is a disappointment


After releasing one single off her previous album, Goodbye Lullaby, Avril Lavigne has decided to have another crack at making chart-topping music.

Unfortunately for her, the music industry has changed since she was big and she needs to change it up to stay current. This song, Here’s to Never Growing Up, is exactly like the music from her very first album, Let Go. I feel like she is going backwards rather than forwards. She knew what worked for her back then and is giving it another shot. I just don’t think it will do well commercially.

Hardcore fans will love it because it sounds very similar to her first song, Complicated. It just isn’t fresh, new or exciting. I loved her music back in the day and I bought her first three albums but I just feel she’s a bit past it now. She needs to reinvent herself if she wants to be big again.

The single is released today and the album is currently untitled and without a release date. Check out the audio below.

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