Big Pics: Beyoncé, Rihanna & Russell Brand

Beyoncé & Jay-Z


Beyoncé and Jay-Z went out to meet the people of Cuba while on holiday. The pair were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. I’m sure they wanted some privacy but spent a bit of time heading out, seeing the locals.  I LOVE B’s hair like this!


Jamie Lynn Spears


Jamie tweeted such an old picture of her on Justin Timberlake’s lap while he is next to his girlfriend, Britney Spears. It just gives a cool insight into how they were back then. She actually tweeted this TO Justin saying: “‘@jtimberlake Weird hearing ur music as an Adult. Ha Not only do I appreciate it. I GET it. #jay #crymeariver #mirror.” What a sweet message.



Ri headed back to her native Barbados to celebrate her mum Monica’s birthday. She wrote: “Me and Mama Fenty doing some bday damage! She’s radical man! #phuckyobirthday” and in the second pic (below), she wrote: “The way she looks at me is as epic as the way Dolly looked at me! Love u mommy #AriesLife”


Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart


OMG! They’re holding hands in public! This never happens. You never see any picture of them being romantic at all so this is so sweet to see and answers the rumours that say they’re aren’t “on” anymore.

Russell Brand


Russell seems a bit crazy here! He is wearing many random things and he is in Y fronts! He wrote: “Model wears “Found in Garage collection”. West Ham jacket, cowboy hat (worn in vegas w Diddy), rootin rootin boots.” What a weirdo!


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