Kimberly Wyatt has a bitch about Nicole Scherzinger


It would seem that the ex-Pussycat Dolls love to hate on the lead singer Nicole Scherzinger since she has become a successful solo star.

First Carmit Bachar (the ginger one who quit way before the group has split), then Ashley Roberts did on I’m a Celeb and now Kimberly Wyatt talks badly about her.

The general idea is that the girls got fed up of Nicole taking all the spotlight, singing every part and apparently, her ego got too big. I find it odd how none of this came out when they first split up in 2010. Yet, as soon as Nicole becomes successful in her own right, they decide to share the bitchiness. I like Nicole so I don’t know how I feel about their comments.


The Daily Mirror newspaper spoke to Kimberly at Aintree races and she admitted that she hasn’t spoken to Nicole in a long time.

“I have not spoken to or seen Nicole in quite some time… and that’s not through lack of trying. I’ve made enough first moves now, I feel the ball is in her court.”

She continued: “I just hope that Nicole is actually happy as a person. Our dealings together weren’t always easy – it wasn’t an easy situation to be in, in the Pussycat Dolls, period. But I have a lot of love for Nicole and if she offered (an olive branch) I would accept it with open arms. I have a lot of understanding but, at the same time, I wish we could get past that and just move on. I mean, jeez, let’s grow up and enjoy our lives.”


I don’t feel like she is being that mean here- she is just admitting that they haven’t moved on since the group broke down, which is why they can’t be friends. However, it was when she was asked to give advice to One Direction that the truth came out  (in a disguise).

She said: “If I could advise One Direction it’d be this: be smart. Remember this won’t last for ever and your lifeline is the person standing next to you. If your ego becomes bigger than the band, that’s when it comes crumbling down.” She is sooo talking about Nicole here!

Okay, so they don’t get on. Obviously, a lot went on between the group but I wish they would just stop bitching about each other. I doesn’t make them look good.


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