What is up with Amanda Bynes?!


The media are getting increasingly worried about Amanda Bynes’ behaviour of late. And rightly so.

The 27-year-old former child star seems to be on a downward spiral that resembles that of Britney Spears. She used to be a clean-living actress, famous for roles in The Amanda Show, She’s The Man and Hairspray.

She hasn’t done much professionally of late. In 2012, she got into a string of motor vehicle crimes, such as driving under the influence, hit and runs as well as driving when her licence was suspended. She didn’t even turn up for her court date last week.


Since then, things seem to have got worse for her mentally and she seems to be heading for a meltdown. Just last week, the paparazzi took a picture of her sporting red hair but she went on Twitter to claim it wasn’t her, but it blatantly was. She writes random tweets such as “I want Drake to murder my vagina” and “skinnys the fuck”. Huh?! We don’t know either. She has pierced her cheeks, been dressing VERY badly and is posting a ton of selfies.

Just check out the tweets that she sent in the past 24 hours, in which she is blasting the press for pictures they use of her. Within these rants, she declares she has an eating disorder. That isn’t something I find funny or take lightly but she said it so casually. If she had a proper disorder, she wouldn’t tell everyone. I felt like she was just trying to get sympathy.

EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Bynes seen out in NYC running errands, debuting her new red hair color

It started with: “I’m suing certain blogs and magazines saying I have a mental illness! They take pictures anytime I’ve gained weight then write a fake story! I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin.”

I would just like to add that NO press are commenting on her weight- we are more bothered about her state of mind!

She continued: “They write a news article about every tweet I write and I hate the pictures they choose. They repeat what I tweet then add a bad photo. Only use photos from my twitter when writing an article about me. I don’t read articles written about me unless I give an interview for a magazine. They’re fake! Don’t trust what u read on sites! I’m putting a photo up of everyone writing articles about me from now on. I ask you to choose photos from my twitter so I’ll do the same.”


What is her obsession with pictures?! No-one cares about your weight, they are worried about you. Perhaps if she doesn’t dress so crazy, we would happily use her Twitter selfies. She’s very hypocritical too- she says she doesn’t read articles yet she knows what pictures are used in them. So she clearly reads them, and is hung up on her body. She is obviously insecure and I’m worried about her. I just hope she gets help. Soon.


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