Big Pics: Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato & Bradley Cooper



Imagine this for a boyband supergroup! Here we have Harry from One Direction, Dougie, Danny and Tom from McFly and Matt from Busted. What a group! It’s great to see they all get on at a party in London.

Bradley Cooper


Check out Bradley’s perm! Those curls are pretty tight. Also, check the tan and the strong facial hair lines! Crazy transformation. Brads will be reunited with his Silver Linings co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, as well as director David O Russell in this FBI thriller. It also stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams. I hope they’re sporting crazy hairstyles too!


Demi Lovato


Demi uploaded this make-up free pic to Twitter to encourage followers to embrace their natural beauty. She wrote: “Ladies, be brave today.. take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!” I have to say, Demi looks amazing without make-up!

Isla Fisher


Isla looks gorgeous here! Speaking to Fashion magazine, the Aussie revealed how she picks her red carpet dresses.

She said: “I have a stylist [Rachel Zoe] who styles Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway and whoever else. So they get all the dresses first, and then whatever they refuse – there are few, since they hang on to all the dresses until the very end – the couple left to choose that no one wants, I get that rack.Way down on the food chain is me, so I pick on those crumbs and usually it is the first dress that I try on that wins because I’m always in a rush. I’m happy to wear anything.”

I find that so hard to believe because she always looks amazing! Isla will next be seen in The Great Gatsby which is released next month.

Justin Bieber


Justin tried his hand at tattooing. Anything he can’t do?! The singer, who has plenty of his own, put some ink on celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang. Check out the cartoon figure he drew!



  1. […] week, we showed you Bradley Cooper’s perm and Jennifer Lawrence’s amazing hairdo (see here) for their roles in a currently untitled David O Russell movie. Now you can see the 80s […]

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