Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding reveals tour tantrums


Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud has revealed that she is looking forward to going solo after the many disagreements the girls had during their reunion tour.

The group got back together after three years for a greatest hits album, two new singles and a reunion tour. After the last date, the group announced that they would be splitting for good.

She said to Look magazine: “We were more grown up and more opinionated, and when there were discussions to do with work we’d all be sort of strategic. When there’s five of you, it’s difficult to have a say in everything. I’m looking forward to having more control.”


It seems as if the time apart meant they all had different ideas about what was best for the band.

“Me and Nadine are more music orientated – more vocals – and the other three are more about dancing. I’d put my foot down about the music side of things. Nicola was more about the clothes. Choreography is Cheryl’s forte.”

It would seem that Nadine had the most problems with the others. She announced on Twitter that she didn’t agree with the band’s split and wrote “I couldn’t stop them”.


That tweet shocked Sarah as Nadine never mentioned a word during the tour.

“I was unaware she even felt like that. At no point did she try and stop us, so you’d have to ask her why she did that. We all had other things in the pipeline for after this tour and wanted [it] to be the biggest and best show we’d done. We’d rather do that than keep putting out more and more music every year and gradually waning, because music’s evolved since we’ve been around. I’d hate to think we’d end on a bad note. Cut and run.”

Well, it certainly sounds as if you did! Considering what Sarah just said and what Nadine tweeted, I would reckon that the split  was the best for them if they were having personality clashes and had different directions. Best they stopped before things got too nasty!

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