Big Pics: Kirsten Dunst, Amanda Bynes & Lindsay Lohan

Amanda Bynes


Is she having a breakdown or an identity crisis?! Her weird behaviour is getting worse. Just check out this outfit for instance. She looks a mess! I hope she sorts herself out soon.

Bradley Cooper


Feel like a third wheel Bradley?! I wonder how many relationship questions Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling got asked during a screening of A Place Beyond The Pines in New York City. Must have been awkward. What else can you expect though when you develop a romance during the shooting of a movie?! That is almost part of the movie’s premise!

Lindsay Lohan


Here is a still from Anger Management in which Lindsay plays herself shooting a Japanese advert for gum. I’m so happy seeing her doing some acting work! Her pal Charlie Sheen (who she met on the set of Scary Movie 5) managed to score her a guest role for one episode. Charlie’s anger therapist will help Lindsay with her issues before bedding her. The actress was professional and turned up on time on day one but left everyone waiting on day two. The episode will air next month.


Kirsten Dunst


This photo shoot is so trippy. Kirsten looks so different for her interview with Bullett magazine. It is clever in a way aswell- the use of mirrors make you wonder what is real and what is effects.



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