What on earth is Tilda Swinton doing inside a box?!


I just don’t understand art. Apparently, this exhibit of actress Tilda Swinton sleeping in a box is a work of art.

To me, the only attraction is that you get to see a celebrity up close in a vulnerable situation. There isn’t any art involved from where I’ m standing!


The only thing I’m impressed with is that she manages to maintain the sleep mode for seven hours. I would get so bored and I would be too curious about what’s happening outside the box. It takes a lot of willpower. I wonder if she sleeps properly at night-time afterwards?

I just think the exhibit is a bit silly really. I just wonder if anyone is thinking about the art concept or just going “oh look it’s that lady from We Need To Talk About Kevin!”




Tilda will appear on random days- so random that the staff at the Museum of Moden Art in New York don’t actually know when she will show up. The exhibit, The Maybe, will repeat this several more times this year, but the box will appear in different rooms. Tilda is called a “living artist” on the sign- is she the creator of this piece?!

She has done it before. In 1995, she “performed” in London and then made appearances in Rome the year after. It would seem that she enjoys it! Why?! I also wonder why she has decided to resurrect the piece so many years on.

It just all so odd. Sounds like my idea of hell-people watching me sleep!

What on earth is Tilda Swinton doing inside a box?!

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