Pics: Inside the Kids Choice Awards 2013

You can always expect some fun at the Kids Choice Awards because it is for kids and voted by kids. The guests know that they may end being gunged and their awards are little orange submarines. It isn’t a serious awards show which means that the celebrities can let loose and have fun.

Like Kristen Stewart, for example, who sacrificed her outfit to hung a slimy Sandra Bullock. Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris got gooed while presenting her with the Best Actress submarine and Stewart happily joined in the fun.










Katy Perry also seemed to be having fun. Seriously, this girl seems to be friends with every celebrity. She just seems to know everyone. Here were can see here getting friendly with Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez and Fergie.

What's she screaming about?!

What’s she screaming about?!

Loving the bump! This photo is hilarious

Loving the bump! This photo is hilarious


This is the cutest picture of the night. I knew Kristen and Katy have hung out before but I didn’t know they were this close. Also, I didn’t know Selena knew either of them. Such a great pic!

The Kids Choice Awards will be televised on Nickelodeon at 6pm.


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