Big Pics: Ellie Goulding, Miley Cyrus & Ryan Phillippe

Ellie Goulding


Ellie is making out with Calvin Harris?! Shock horror! Never fear people, it is just acting for their music video to I Need Your Love. Side note, Ellie needs to put her bum away.


Chris Brown & Jennifer Lopez


Could there be a future collaboration between these two?! It is certainly very intriguing. Loving her pink jumper too.

Ryan Phillippe & Ashley Greene


Is this a thing?! The Twilight star & Reese Witherspoon’s ex were spotted leaving a LA club together in the early hours. It does look suspicious, considering she is hiding. They are both single too. You can’t immediately tell it’s her but check the bag, and check the picture below.


Kelly Osbourne


Kelly showed her obvious happiness at being given the all clear to head back to work following her seizure. She posted this picture with co-star Joan Rivers on the set of Fashion Police.

Miley Cyrus 


Miley is clearly loving the feedback she is getting for her “twerking” video. The singer uploaded a video to Facebook on Thursday of her shaking her booty to a rap song while in a unicorn onesie. It is very cool and so many people have seen it (it currently has 41,000 likes)! Check the video below.


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