Listen: Beyoncé’s controversial “Bow Down”


Beyoncé released this track on her Tumblr site less than 24 hours and damn, it has sparked debate. The track she posted seems to be snippets of two songs, which she has joined together for some sort of preview.

The track opens with Bow Down, an aggressive, yelling number in which Bey demands “bow down bitches”. I don’t know if we’ve heard her swear before but it seems so different to how she usually is. Normally, she is standing up for the sisterhood and now she is shouting at them and being arrogant.

In the lyrics, she is basically telling them to bow down because she is better than them. She sings:”I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world.” I don’t mind attitude, but arrogance is not cool. Most people disagreed on this point- they think B should be what she wants whereas others don’t like this new direction.

The second part is called “I’ve Been On” and is very weird. I like the music to this (it was the background music for the O2 tour advert) but the vocals are either by a man in a very odd voice or B and it’s been seriously distorted. I’m not sure. It seems like more of an instrumental with occasional words, although I can’t generally understand what’s being said.

Have a listen and see what you think!

Listen to Beyonce’s controversial “Bow Down”

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