Big Pics: Jessie J, Katie Holmes & Rihanna

Justin Bieber


Justin had a little family reunion in Madrid today as his mum, dad and younger brother Jaxon came to see him.



How plunging does she want her jumpsuit to be?! Crikey! Ri is back on tour after cancelling two dates due to laryngitis.

Spring Breakers


Another day, another Spring Breakers premiere! I also want to highlight Ashley Benson’s newly brunette hairstyle, Vanessa’s horrible dress (mainly the skirt) and Selena’s amazing outfit. Love these girls. Can’t wait to see the movie!

Katie Holmes


Crikey! I never thought I would see Katie in a raunchy shoot like this. Katie is the face of H.Stern Iris collection- that’s a high-end jewellery designer to you and me. Why she needs to be so sexual to market accessories, I’ll never know.



Hayden Panettiere


Bloody hell that snake is huge! He’s not even fully in the picture. I give major kudos to the Nashville star for getting that close to it, and for holding it up as it would be super heavy!

Jessie J 


Jessie kept her promise and shaved her head for Comic Relief and damn, she still looks cool! Comedian Lenny Henry started cutting her hair and then she came onstage after to show the finished look. Watch the video below:

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