Kelly Osbourne suffers seizure during filming


Wow everyone seems to be collapsing tonight!

Kelly Osbourne has had a seizure while taping an episode of E! Fashion Police.

The poor girl told her fellow presenter Melissa Rogers (who was filling in for Guiliana Rancic) that she didn’t feel good before falling of her chair and convulsing on the floor.

Melissa ran to her aid and an EMT, who was in audience, came on stage to help. Kelly came to after about 30 seconds.

As a precaution, Kelly was taken to hospital on a stretcher with a sheet covering her for privacy.


Kelly has since tweeted from hospital, where she has uploaded a picture of her arm with an IV drop attached.

She wrote: “Thank u all 4 ur beautiful well wishes yes I did have a seizure they are just trying to figure out why?”

At least she fells better but damn, that must have been scary! Let’s hope they find out what’s up so she can be treated.

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