Bradley Cooper speaks out about his father’s death


Bradley Cooper decided to open up to GQ magazine about how his perspective on life has changed after watching his father die.

His father, Charles J Cooper, died of lung cancer two years ago after Bradley had tried to nurse him through the disease.

Despite it being very personal information, Bradley, 38, talked about the death at great length and how it has affected his life since.


He said: “Death became very real. And very tangible. Because my father-someone who had been in my life for 36 years- is just fucking gone. I watched him dying and I was there by his bed watching him, breathing with him, and then I saw his last breath and he was gone. I experienced the whole thing. And that was a watershed moment that I was privileged to experience.”

He continued: “And it changed everything. Nothing has been the same since. The beauty is that I just don’t sweat the shit any more.”

It is incredible that he has the strength to talk about it, considering he isn’t known for his openness surrounding his personal life. I know it ends with a positive message about his outlook on life, but still. I’m impressed by his candour.


He gives an example of how his father’s death changed him.

He explained: “My father gave me two gifts-having me and dying with me. I used to be the kid that got the shakes if I had to talk in public. Now, I just don’t get nerves about stuff. I can’t control everything. I watched my father die and I realised that is the way we are all going to die. For me, it was a switch from knowing something intellectually to knowing it by tangibly experiencing it.”


With that in mind, you can understand why Bradley doesn’t mind that he didn’t win any awards this season for his role in Silver Linings Playbook. He said: “It would change nothing.” It is very true. I suppose it is a very small thing in relation to his experience with his father.

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