Big Pics: Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian & Anna Kendrick

Justin Bieber


Here is the moment when Justin got turned away from London’s Cirque Du Soir nightclub on his 19th birthday. You can see his lady friend Ella- Paige Roberts Clarke in the picture. He was only in the venue for a few minutes, looking forward to his circus-themed party, before he got turned away by security. It is thought this was because he tried to get under-aged friends in.

Anna Paquin


Finally! A shot of one her twins. Anna and her husband, Stephen Moyer, have been extremely protective over their children- we don’t know their names or what they looked like (until now). The True Blood star gave birth to the twins (thought to be a boy and girl) back in September last year.

Anna Kendrick 


I love Anna, she is such fun on Twitter. I love following her! She tweeted: “They dare me to get in but then think it’s WEIRD when I don’t want to get out #hypocrisy.”

Leona Lewis


Here is Leona getting smoochy with her man on an LA beach. Leona is back with her German dancer boyfriend Dennis after they split in October last year.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West 


We’ve already seen the crazy front cover in which Kanye and Kim simulate sex (see pic of the week) but here are the risqué pictures inside. I cannot believe they agreed to these pictures! The shoot was for French magazine L’Officiel Hommes.



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