Video: Jennifer Lawrence is interview-bombed by Jack Nicholson

This is hilarious! Jennifer Lawrence had many crazy things to deal with on Sunday-winning the Leading Actress Oscar, falling up the stairs while going to accept it, and now Jack Nicholson interrupts her interview with Good Morning America.

In the press room following the show, all the winners and nominees have to do the rounds with the press. Jack was lingering in there for some unknown reason and, although Jennifer was mid-conversation with a member of the press, he decided to come up and congratulate her on her work.

You can’t hear all of what he says but he seems very complimentary and reports say he is “hitting on her”- I wouldn’t go that far but it’s certainly funny. The best bit is Jen, who has never met him before, telling him how rude he is being. The shock on her face is brilliant too because she is clearly so in awe of Jack and cannot believe what has just happened.

I love how normal she is. This will put a smile on your face for sure.


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