Pics: The many Brits after-parties

After a relatively normal award ceremony, the celebrities let loose on the many after-parties put on to celebrate this year’s Brit Awards.

There were loads of parties- Roc Nation at Hakkasan, Sony Music at the Arts Club, EMI’s on a riverboat, Universal and Island records at Soho House and lastly, Warner Music Group at the Savoy Hotel. Crikey!

Here are the highlights of the after parties.


Taylor Swift 

She seemed to be chatting to everyone and had a go at DJing with Brit host James Corden.



Now joined by Jeremy Irvine and Ellie Goulding (who are dating).

Now joined by Jeremy Irvine and Ellie Goulding (who are dating).

Who are now joined by Carey Mulligan...

Who are now joined by Carey Mulligan…

And then Carey's husband  Marcus Mumford.

Who were then joined by Carey Mulligan…


And then came along her husband, Marcus Mumford.


Harry Styles & Nick Grimshaw


Best buds Harry and Grimmy had a massive night after the Brits- stopping at every party. Clearly drunk and thinking it was a great idea, Nick took Harry to work at Radio 1 at 6am. The pair hadn’t slept and found it hilarious that they were on air across the country while still a bit drunk. Perhaps Nick should have had a sensible night considering he does the Breakfast Show! Here they are in the Radio 1 photobooth:


Holly Willoughby 


I think everyone needs to appreciate the very large (and slightly wonky) rack on Holly! Miaow!

Simon Cowell


Simon seemed to be getting very close with a mystery blonde last night. Until he was interrupted by Harry…


Demi Lovato


Demi was rocking the pimp cane last night to help her get about. The poor girl ended up in a cast by simply slipping over on a newly polished floor! Crazy!

Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy


Kate and Matt seem to be having a great time at the Savoy hotel- although I’m unsure why they’re stood on the sofas!

It looked like a wicked night. I’m so jealous!

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