Big Pics: Mila Kunis, Rooney Mara & One Direction

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher


We finally get to see this couple do something exciting! Mila and Ashton had a laugh while go karting in LA recently. Usually we see them looking so glum so this is refreshing!



One Direction


Check out 1D and the PM David Cameron! The boys filmed their Downing Street encounter for their Comic Relief charity single, One Way Or Another (a cover of the Blondie classic). The boys filmed the video entirely on a handheld camera while they were on their travels. The full video will be released next week and they will perform it for the first time tomorrow at the Brit Awards.

Ashley Roberts


How crazy is the body art on Ashley?! Painting that must have taken hours and I’m so impressed. At first I thought it was a suit until I noticed her pants and her belly button. She spent six hours getting it done to promote the video game Crysis 3.

Ashley Benson & Vanessa Hudgens


I can’t get enough of the Spring Breakers lot at the moment! Ever the social media queen, Ashley (left) fully documented her trip to Paris for the premiere of their movie so of course, she couldn’t resist taking a snap with Vanessa on the red carpet.

Rooney Mara


Rooney looks a bit creepy on the cover of Interview magazine but that’s possibly because she was plugging her latest thriller, Side Effects, which looks amazing. In the interview, she spoke about her nonchalance about nudity on screen, saying: “Every other person on the planet has the same parts as I do. So seeing them shouldn’t be a huge shock to most people.”

However, she will draw the line if she thinks it is gratuitious, as she tells director Steven Soderbergh: “When you asked me to do reverse cowgirl with Channing [Tatum, who plays Mara’s husband in Side Effects], I put my foot down.” Shame, I’m sure that would have been rather fun to watch!


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