SAG Awards 2013: Fashion Hits & Misses

So I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Screen Actors Guild Awards unless you’ve been living in a cave. In case you missed the winners, see the full list here.

This post is all about the fashion and there are three girls which stood out among the rest- Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried and Naomi Watts. Now you know my top three, I will show the rest of my hits and misses (including a picture of the girls just mentioned).



Jennifer Lawrence


You would never guess that Jennifer had just battled pneumonia! She looks amazing. I love the colour of this gown.

Amanda Seyfried


Yes, she is wearing almost the same colour as Jennifer but Amanda looks gorgeous in this!

Naomi Watts


The embroidery on this dress is amazing- it’s perfect!

Marion Cotillard


This is the first time I have liked any of Marion’s awards dresses this year. Usually, she picks duds but I really like this one. I love her hair too.

Jennifer Garner


Jen looks absolutely radiant in this outfit! While it is a very simple design, it is the colour that wins it for me.

Nicole Kidman


I don’t always like this sort of gown but I think Nicole looks super sexy in it.  The colour and her hairstyle make it work.

Nina Dobrev


This may be an understated dress but I love it- the colour, the fit, everything. Nina looks beautiful!


Anne Hathaway


Many people have praised Anne’s dress but I think it is ugly! I haven’t liked many of her choices this awards season. I hate the sheer bottom half- it is horrid!

Julianne Moore


While the patterns on the dress aren’t bad, I just think the colour washes her out because she is so pale and the cut is too low for someone of her age. Over 50s shouldn’t have that much cleavage on display, especially when they are starting to droop!

Jane Lynch


I just think the leather top is a bit too risqué for someone of her age. Someone younger could probably pull it off. The dress itself isn’t THAT bad- I just don’t think it suits Jane.

Rose Byrne


I don’t like the pale colour and the printed flowers plus the flappy bits at the sides are annoying.

Naya Rivera


I think Naya has gone a bit too OTT on the boob front! I love that she’s picked an interesting black dress but the corset part with the mesh in the middle is bit too vampy for an awards show.

What do you think?

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