Has Rihanna got too big for her boots?! Part I

Given Rihanna’s antics this week, you would certainly think so. Before I start on a massive rant, I just want to state that I love her and I genuinely enjoy her music. Her party hard attitude certainly makes her interesting to read about on a daily basis but I just don’t think she cares about her fans. I feel like she’s considers herself above everybody else and that she can do what she wants. Problem is, everyone lets her get away with it.

I have felt this for some time after seeing her perform live for the first time last year. I had paid £55 for my ticket (which was right at the back of The O2) and she came on an hour late. I was so pissed off because it meant I had to leave early to catch my last train home. Looking at her behaviour on the 777 tour, I got off lightly being only an hour late. I also felt like she didn’t want to be there, she wasn’t putting in her all and I was generally disappointed in her show. She has not been forgiven for that but I’ve forgotten it purely because I like her music and she’s fun to read about.

She’s now on the 777 tour, in which she does seven gigs, in seven countries, in seven days (exhausting, right?!) That sounds like a nightmare in itself but Rihanna decided to bring some press, fans and competition winners along for the ride. The Boeing 777 (see what she did there?) was packed out with people wanting to get up, close and personal with the star and see what she is really like. However, it turns out they didn’t see much of her at all- it even got to the point where someone had created a “missing” poster for her.

The journalists on the plane must have thought they were so lucky to go on tour with Rihanna but I reckon now they can’t wait for it to be over (luckily, there is only one stop left). After a great start from LA to Mexico, Rihanna joined everyone in economy to have a party, some drinks and to hand out gifts. It seemed like a publicity stunt to be honest and to make everyone think it’s one big party and go  “how much fun does that plane look?!” Turns out, not much fun.

The people on the plane have barely seen the star since Toronto (Day 2) and things got so bad on the flight between Berlin (Stop 5) and London (Stop 6) that an Australian journalist streaked to try and get her attention. The sleep-deprived bunch were hoping to get some candid moments with the star but they’ve barely had any opportunity to talk to her while she holes herself up in first class. The press were yelling “save our jobs” and “just one quote” on the flight, causing security to get a bit antsy and start offering people drinks.

A blogger for The Rolling Stone described the mood on the plane as “the feeling is one of mild depression-cum-hysteria”. The jet is being dubbed “Rihanna jail” and a Twitter account has been using the hashtag #freetherihanna149 to describe the in-air dramas. Sounds like a great deal of fun. Besides having the inside track on the hysteria in the cabin, the press haven’t managed to get much of anything for her.

A reporter from Glamour summed it up well; “We’ve cumulatively had about six hours sleep since Toronto, two days ago, but no one wants to go home while RiRi’s still partying. There should be a word for the perpetual state of exhaustion and hangover involved in touring with Rihanna. Rhi-hypnoled? Whatever it is, we all have it.”

I would also like to add that Rihanna, clearly having seen the papers or having been ordered by her PR, has finally given the press so time with her on the way to New York (Stop 7). She is clearly doing some damage control. However, it is only a press conference style chat so no candid moments expected there.




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