Christina Aguilera is back!

Yep, Christina is back with a new attack on the charts after her last album, Bionic, didn’t do so good. Her latest offering is called Your Body and is the lead track from her upcoming seventh album, Lotus.

She likes to coincide her released with The Voice as that’s when she gets the most exposure and I hope this time her music career takes off because she has an amazing voice and is so talented.

Despite the fact that I love her and her old music, I’m not a big fan of this single. It has big vocals which I love but I’m not keen on the topic because it makes her sound slutty and it’s just a sex song. It is very much like Dirty and Not Myself Tonight (where she super sexed it up in the video). It is quite dancey and I want it to do well but I’m not convincing it will. She looks great, the video looks great but the track isn’t memorable enough.

The video is interesting and I love her look and all the costume changes and accessories. She has definitely been working out and she looks FAR better than she has in the past. She is HOT! The video itself is a bit weird in places and I find the paint in the toilet stall scene peculiar.

Aguilera announced that she will leaving The Voice for one season and will return for the fifth season. Blake Shelton is also taking a break and they will both be replaced by Usher and Shakira.

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