The Bourne Legacy: Review

I have FINALLY got round to seeing this and I have to say, it is very good. Jeremy Renner was a perfect cast for Aaron Cross, an agent in the Department of Defence black ops program, Operation Outcome. This film runs parallel to the events of The Bourne Ultimatum and it reveals that there were more projects similarly to Blackbriar and Treadstone.

We first meet Aaron on a survival expedition in Alaska. He is an Outcome operative and he must have a blue pill and a green pill a day to maintain his psychical and mental strength. After Pamela Landy releases Treadstone documents, Eric Byer (Edward Norton), who oversees the CIA’s secret ops, decides to shut down similar projects before they get found out. That means killing off every operative and every scientist involved in Outcome.

Aaron manages to escape the bombing which was supposed to kill him. One scientist, Marta (Rachel Weisz) also escapes her lab when one of her colleagues goes on a shooting rampage. The pair join forces and go on the run from the CIA, who want to clear up their mess (much like the plot of Bourne trilogy). They head to Manila, where the pills are made, in a hope to give Cross a permanent alternative. Like the previous films, they’ve always got police or assigned assets on their tail.

The plot is pretty similar to the Bourne trilogy in that the CIA have made dodgy projects and now they have to cover them up by any means necessary. So if you like the plot, action and effects of the previous films, you will like this. Obviously, having a different main character has a huge impact. It does feel weird that Matt Damon is not in the movie at all, not even in the old footage used to place events in this film. But then again, this film isn’t about Bourne and I think Damon would steal the limelight from Jeremy Renner.

The character change does not deflect from this at all because the premise of the plot is Bourne’s impact on other CIA projects and you soon forget that you are watching a Bourne film without Bourne in it. Once the new character and basic plot has been established, it turns into familiar territory with an agent on the run with a female companion. This time, Marta is involved with Outcome as well and can actually help Cross. Rachel Weisz was a good choice but I thought her accent was inconsistent.

I love the Bourne trilogy so I was pleased with this. It keeps the same style so the only reason people will have for not liking this is that it stars Jeremy Renner. I reckon there will be a sequel as well because things weren’t completely resolved.

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