Big Pictures of the Day- Jessica Biel, Rihanna & Heather Morris

1. Firstly, look at the bling on Jessica Biel finger! This is first really obvious shot of her engagement ring, which has been fairly concealed up until now. Rumours were circulating for some time that she and boyfriend Justin Timberlake had got engaged in December but the couple never confirmed or denied anything. The cat is now out of the bag with the size of that sparkler! Here is a shot taken at a Lakers game yesterday.

2. Someone needs to tell Rihanna that tops are supposed cover up your breasts, not expose them! The star is no stranger to skimpy outfits on stage, but this was taken on the streets of New York! I think someone needs to tell her to cover up or at least put on a bra!

3. Glee actress Heather Morris is the next celebrity in a nude pic leak. We can’t be sure they are 100% real yet the website who first ran the story are adamant they are her because of a tattoo. The pictures were swiped from her phone apparently and they contain some provocative photographs in underwear or skimpy clothes to a completely butt-naked picture. The two below are the more safe options but if you really want to see the naked one then I’m sure Google will help with that.

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